Care Instructions for Fine Art Prints:

Your Stasser Gallery salon print has been made with the greatest of professional care on the finest museum quality archival paper, canvas, or metal, formulated to last a life time… and beyond. With this in mind, we would like to share with you a few very important elements to help keep your print at its premium for your life time.

In this regard, your print actually needs very little “care”, but a bit of thoughtfulness will make a huge impact on how it performs for you in the years to come. Please do make sure you are able to enjoy your print each day, this is after all, the reason for its purchase.

Keeping a print on photographic paper free from dust is the first step, and can be accomplished by keeping it framed and matted with glass or acrylic covering. (Museum glass costs a bit more, but is truly worth the investment for a print on paper. Ask us for details if your budget allows.) Then you simply need to clean the glass as you would your mirrors.

To clean a Metal Print, simply wipe with a soft cloth to clear away dust or finger prints, adding just a touch of plain water is okay if you run into a stubborn spot. Just make sure to buff the water from the print so it does not leave a mark.

To clean a Canvas Print, simply dust with a dry soft cloth.

When choosing a place to hang your print in your home, give great thought to its location. Direct sunlight and moisture should be avoided at all cost as these things can cause damage to the print no matter how secure. Soft light within the room is a perfect solution to help maintain its value.

When considering a print for your home:

When you look at the space in your home, that empty space that needs something… what do you see hanging there? Is it an assortment of smaller images or one large print that you just love? What kind of feel are you trying to create in this space? A place to relax at the end of a long day perhaps? Or maybe a space that will invite energy.

Since we are not able to do the measuring for you, we need you to do this yourself. Take out the tape measure to see, just how big (or small) is a 5×7, or just how large is a 30×40? What size will work best to create your vision? Do you wish to stack the fine art vertically? Or line several prints up horizontally? Now is the time to make your space, “You”.

Keep in mind a few things when ordering a print as well. If you wish to have a traditional print, matted and framed, the standard approach is a wide mat and wide frame for a large print. And likewise, a smaller print with a smaller mat and frame is the norm. However, rules are made to be broken… and I’ve seen smaller images matted into a large wide frame that are just stellar!

A little complexity of framing for you:
Say for example, you have a standard 8×10 image that you wish to have matted. The typical mat (measured from the outside edge) will be approximately one and half to two inches wide. This will boost your frame size (measured from the inside of the frame) to an 11×14. You must also consider the Outside dimensions of your favorite frame as well. Will that beautiful four inch frame with all the bold scrolling first, go well with the image, and second, will it fit the space you wish to place it? If not, there are plenty of options at your local framing store to choose from.

I hope this page gives you some things to work with when you are considering (or have invested in) Fine Art for your home.